BEGO Close Up Magazine 2018

A B Fig. 3: Open-pored, sponge- like structure of BEGO Collagen Fleece. A: Top view, unmagnified B: Cross-section; scanning electron microscope image. 43 CLOSE UP THE OPEN ACCESS The collagen used to manufacture BEGO Collagen Fleece is extracted from the dermis of hygienically monitored pigs. The porcine dermis is cleaned, non-collagenous proteins and all cells are removed, the collagen (type I/III) is prepared, lyophilised and then sterilised. The three-dimensional naturally crosslinked collagen structure is preserved in the process. The BEGO Collagen Fleece is open pored and has a sponge-like, stable structure (Fig. 3). BEGO Collagen Fleece can absorb many times its own weight in blood and has outstanding adhesive properties after contact with blood. It is integrated into the network of the blood clot and contributes to its stabilisation in the defect space. As a naturally absorbable haemostyptic agent, BEGO Collagen Fleece can be used for both treatment of soft tissue collection sites and of small shape-giving bone defects. BEGO Collagen Fleece is a short-term regeneration matrix and supports the first phase of wound healing. After 2–4 weeks it is broken down by enzymatic activity, leaving no residues. 7. Key features – BEGO Collagen Fleece