Eltropol 300

The intelligent electrolytic polishing unit

Automatic proposal of polishing time for different object sizes.

  • Innovative new heating concept quickly brings the unit up to operating temperature.
  • Major time-saving due to simultaneous polishing of two Co-Cr partial dentures.
  • New, user-friendly operating panel with display and soft keys.
  • Indicator to show when the solution in the polishing bath is due to be changed.
  • Simplified emptying directly into the canister via drainage device.
  • Excellent polishing results ensured by uniform movement of the polishing bath.
  • Supplementary cathode for objects with a deep palate.
  • Uniform polishing effect achieved by automatic current stabilisation.
  • High level of safety thanks to firm contact with object clamps.
  Delivery form REF
Eltropol 300 110-240V 50/60Hz 26310
Capacity / content 2 l
Eltropol 300 with supplementary cathode, clamps with holder, object hook

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