BEGO silicone polishers for zirconium dioxide and ceramics

# The three-level polishing system with diamond abrasive grain is perfectly suited to correcting, smoothing and polishing zirconium dioxide and conventional ceramic surfaces to produce a brilliant shine as well as offering optimal results in terms of polishing characteristics, stability and gentleness on surfaces.

# Smooth surfaces on 100% zirconium or ceramic crowns mean a natural "tooth" feeling for the patient, reduce the risk of deposits and ensure optimal abrasion behaviour towards the antagonist.

# In addition to rapid high-lustre polishing, the new silicone polishers also represent an optimal solution when it comes to subsequent corrective work such as smoothing and polishing ground contact points and removing incomplete glaze firings. Use of an additional polishing compound to achieve a brilliant shine is no longer necessary.

# The BEGO silicone polishers are available in a variety of designs (colours) and as a disc set, polishing point set and a combined set comprising discs and polishing points:

# The green polisher is particularly suited to abrasive prepolishing and smoothing crown margins, frames and areas which still require slight abrasion.

# The blue polisher is used for contouring and the main polishing step.

# The yellow polisher is used for high-lustre polishing.

# The polishers are also perfectly suited to the processing and polishing of BeCe® CAD Zirkon

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