VarseoVest P

Phosphate-bonded, shock-heat precision investment material especially for the casting 3D-printed partial denture frames

# VarseoVest P has been specially developed for CAM partial denture constructions produced by means of 3D printing and offers an excellent fit and smooth cast objects every single time

# The outstanding flow properties ensure easy investment even on slender partial denture clasps and margins; the long working time of 6 minutes enables fatigue-free processing of the investment material

# The mould is inserted directly into the furnace, which is preheated to 800–950°C, only 20 mins after investing, which represents a considerable reduction in the duration of the heating process

# The impressive strength of the investment material ensures that the moulds do not crack or tear as a result of the plastic expanding and also guarantees reliable further processing

# VarseoVest P offers a high degree of edge strength yet still permits easy deflasking – for economic use of the blasting material

# The unambiguous and clear expansion control with the special mixing liquid BegoSol® HE ensures reproducible fit results

# Simple application of VarseoVest P in combination with the VarseoWax CAD/Cast® resin thanks to processing techniques comparable to common investment materials

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VarseoVest P 18kg (36 x 500g) carton 54873
VarseoVest P 18kg (60 x 300g) carton 54874
VarseoVest P 6kg (20 x 300g) carton 54875