Universal shock heat investment material for all applications in partial denture and combination technique, for gel and silicone duplication

WiroFast is a phosphate-bound partial denture investment material which has resulted from the ongoing further development of existing phosphate-bound BEGO partial denture investment materials. WiroFast has been specially designed to satisfy userspecific performance requirements in terms of shock heat ability and economic gel duplication.

The expansion parameters for the various desired results are very easy to set. WiroFast is thus extremely simple to use and can be individually adapted (within reason) to the technicians way of working and, as such, is both very robust and tolerant.

The impressive casting result offers an extremely accurate fit and homogeneous smooth surfaces.

As an alternative to gel duplication, duplication using silicone is, of course, possible, making WiroFast a universally applicable investment material for partial dentures.

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