Nautilus FC ceramic crucibles

made from new, innovative special ceramic

  • Nautilus FC ceramic crucibles are made from an innovative development of a special ceramic that is resistant to high temperature and has many advantages compared to standard crucible ceramic.
  • The extremely homogeneous structure of the ceramic contributes to the consistently reproducible accuracy of castings.
  • Exceptionally smooth ceramic surfaces facilitate the flow of molten metal.
  • The high resistance to thermal fluctuations guarantees that Nautilus FC ceramic crucibles have a long service life.
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Nautilus FC ceramic crucibles 1 pack = 2 pieces (x 2 halves) 52488
Plastic handle for Nautilus ceramics crucible 1 pack = 2 pieces 52436
Ceramic handle for Nautilus ceramic crucible 1 pack = 2 pieces 52467
Nautilus graphite cylinder 1 pack = 6 pieces 52468
Nautilus glassy carbon cylinder 1 pack = 4 pieces 52473
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