Bellavest DR

Low-dust, shock-heat or conventionally heatable precision casting investment material for crown and bridge techniques

# The new precision crown and bridge investment material Bellavest DR is characterised by its considerably (up to 80 %) reduced dust creation during processing which in turn contributes to a significant reduction of harmful quartz and cristobalite dust in laboratories

# Bellavest DR can be heated conventionally or using shock-heat at an insertion temperature of up to 900 °C and results in a considerable reduction in the duration of the heating process

# Bellavest DR has been developed based on tried-and-tested Bellavest investment materials and thus offers simple handling along with optimal parameters of use

# Bellavest DR is a phosphate-bonded precision casting investment material with a long processing time of approx. 5 minutes for reliable and fatigue-free processing

# Precise expansion control and a fine and creamy consistency ensure smooth casting surfaces and consistent reproducible fit results

# Simple to use with the special mixing liquid BegoSol HE for maximum flexibility in conjunction with just a single liquid

# Bellavest DR cures with a high edge-strength, yet still permits easy deflasking which means time savings and the economic use of blasting materials for the user

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