VarseoWax CAD/Cast

Resin for the 3D printing of CAD/Cast® partial denture frames with BEGO Varseo

# VarseoWax CAD/Cast can be burned out without leaving any residue and thus provides optimal conditions for pore-free, smooth and precise partial dentures

# The resin expansion tailored to the investment material VarseoVest P facilitates preheating using the shock-heat method and significantly reduces the time required for heating

# The excellent dimensional stability of the plotted objects enables deformation-free investment and thus excellent accuracy of fit of the cast objects

# The printed plastic boasts first-class green strength, so that no light-curing is necessary if processed immediately, which in turn results in unparalleled process time savings

# As a system component of the Varseo 3D print system, VarseoWax CAD/Cast offers outstanding processing reliability – the printing and processing parameters specially developed for the resin ensure smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time

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VarseoWax CAD/Cast bottle 41000
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