Seminars and courses in Bremen

Integrated into the BEGO complex in Technologiepark of the University of Bremen, the BEGO TRAINING CENTER, measuring nearly 1000 m², offers a convincing concept and equipment. Differently structured teaching rooms, all of which are linked to the central functional room, enable optimal supervision and support of large and small groups.

In BEGO’s courses we teach dental technology at the highest level. On the basis of our own concept, we have developed a sophisticated programme for seminars and practical courses that help interested dental technicians to become even more successful.

In an effort to make our courses accessible to English speaking individuals, BEGO offers a special course (in English) once a year at our Bremen facility. Interested technicians from all over the world are encouraged to participate!

Who should attend?
Two courses of different levels are offered: one for beginners who already have a certain knowledge, and another one for more advanced technicians.

All interested individuals, please forward your application to Mr. Markus Cassau (, Head of the Training Center, who will also answer any question you may have.


Information for participants

In preparation for your course participation please bring the following:

  • work smock, safety goggles
  • personal modelling tools and instruments
  • grinding stones for finishing, round cutter and fissure burr, carbide milling cutter, also special rubber polishers, handpiece polishing brushes, etc

For milling courses:

  • Tools and instruments for milling and drilling in wax and metal (e.g. BEGO milling set) as well as telescopic forceps, burin and calipers, if available

For ceramics courses:

  • Ceramic brush, small and large, as well as other tools and instruments 
  • Mixing palette
  • Diamond grinding stones
  • Ceramic polisher
  • Calipers 

The working models are provided, articulators are also available.

Non-precious alloys, investment materials as well as connecting elements of plastic (Ancora, BegoClip® P) and modelling wax are included in the course fee.

If you would like to bring cases of patients along, although this was not offered in the respective course description, please call us beforehand.