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coDiagnostiX qualifies BEGO Varseo as a validated 3D printer for drill templates

Opon the 2015 market introduction of the Varseo 3D printing system coDiagnostiX* (Dental Wings*) and Implant Studio* (3Shape*) were qualified as software solutions for implant planning by BEGO. In the latest version of the coDiagnostiX instruction for use of Dental Wings, the BEGO 3D printer Varseo is presented as a validated 3D printer for drill templates.

Drill templates designed by coDiagnostiX and produced in the 3D printing process are used during implant placement by means of navigated surgery. The digital workflow has now been validated by Dental Wings with the BEGO 3D printer Varseo and the special resin VarseoWax Surgical Guide for the production of drill templates.

The 3D dental implant planning software coDiagnostiX 9 from dental wings enables the import and processing of scan data. On the basis of completed implant planning, the STL records of the modeled drill templates are imported into the nesting software 3Shape CAMbridge and further processed there for printing.

The BEGO Varseo 3D printing system was developed with and especially for dental laboratories. It offers a multitalented system for the lab-side production of various dental supplies made of high-performance resins. In addition to the quick, simple and cost-effective production of drill templates, CAD/Cast partial denture frames, models, splints and individual impression trays can also be produced in the laboratory using the Varseo.

The current coDiagnostiX instructions for use can be downloaded here. Further information on the BEGO Varseo can be found here.

Dental Wings weist den BEGO Varseo 3D-Drucker als validierten 3D-Drucker für Bohrschablonen aus.