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The latest generation of 3D printing with the BEGO Varseo S – MDR ready

As a pioneer of CAD/CAM technology and specialist in dental processing techniques, BEGO is systematically developing its 3D printing system. Just in time for the International Dental Show (IDS), the traditional family company presents the new smart Varseo S for labside 3D printing of restorations made from resins. The extended VarseoWax material spectrum and the new BEGO Otoflash light-curing unit will be shown as well. Validated processes and the associated process documentation provide security to the users to be "MDR ready".

"100% dental technology – that was and is still the key feature of our 3D printing  system, which has been developed with dental laboratories and for dental laboratories. With the new Varseo S, we are now presenting our latest 3D printer generation, which is characterized by its 30% larger building plate and a 40% smaller housing compared to the previous model as well as many helpful features", explains Dennis Wachtel, Head of Product Management at BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei and BEGO Medical.

The Varseo S is characterized by its compact and stylish design and a larger building plate, which ensures the simultaneous printing of even more objects. Additionally, the network capability of the device permits rapid BEGO Service via remote control. The high building speed is independent of the number of elements to be produced. The unique cartridge system allows a material change in seconds, low material consumption and minimal material ageing.

In addition to the tested VarseoWax resins for the production of CAD/Cast partial denture frames, surgical guides, dental models and individual impression trays, the dental specialist from Bremen presents at the IDS the new resin VarseoWax Splint E for 3D printing of occlusal splints. In the course of 2017, BEGO is going to expand its range of resins by providing VarseoWax Base for 3D printing of full denture bases as well as VarseoWax Temp for 3D printing of long-term temporaries.

The new light-curing unit BEGO Otoflash allows a rapid and reliable light-curing of VarseoWax resins.

"We offer our laboratory customers a coordinated system with validated processes and associated process documentation. This is a very important point, since the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which comes into force in the middle of 2017, calls for more stringent regulatory requirements on the production of medical devices and thus on our customers", says Jürgen Schultze, International Sales Director at BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei and BEGO Medical.

Schultze adds: "We assure our customers to meet not only the current, but also the future requirements. We are MDR ready and with us our laboratory customers as well."

The comprehensive 3D printing service package includes next to a qualified hotline support the online access to the BEGO 3D Academy, which permits the Varseo user to get information on the 3D printing via video tutorials, webinars and tips & tricks.

More detailed information on the BEGO 3D printing system Varseo S can be found here online.

Das neue smarte BEGO Varseo S 3D-Druck-System bietet validierte Prozesse vom Scannen bis zum Finishing.

Zusätzlich zu den bestehenden Materialien werden neue Indikationen angeboten, wie z. B. VarseoWax Base für die Fertigung von Prothesenbasen.

Mit „MDR ready“ bietet BEGO den Laboren die Sicherheit, auch zukünftig die Anforderungen an die Herstellung von Medizinprodukten zu erfüllen.