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Knowledge is not necessary – knowledge is essential

The “Close Up – The Open Access” portal

Knowledge is an essential component of the overall concept behind BEGO Implant Systems. The aim of the Close Up concept is to provide a platform to closely examine current issues in the area of implant dentistry. Based on recent research results, authors writing in the Close Up issues sketch contemporary portraits of individual therapy concepts, design features, and materials.

Contradictory results and a range of different study methods make a conclusive evaluation of many issues more difficult, but with “Close Up – The Open Access” we provide a portal for science-based information.

As a system provider in implant dentistry, BEGO Implant Systems offers solutions for all sectors. The products are repeatedly the subject of extensive studies and interdisciplinary discussions in institutes and universities.

The increasing specialization of the dental market across the different areas of implant dentistry means that the expertise required for novel solutions and concepts is rising in all areas.

The “Close Up – The Open Access” portal translates current findings in implant dentistry into dental surgeries. An important aspect of the Close Up concept is therefore providing free access to information.

You can access the “Close Up – The Open Access” portal at

Close Up – The Open Access