BEGO Aktuell – Konventionelle Lösungen

The BEGO wax portfolio for demanding dental technology

A variety of different types of wax are used in dentistry on a daily basis to achieve optimal results depending on the required indication. With its wide range of waxes, BEGO offers the ideal material to meet any requirement.

The tried-and-tested BEGO partial denture system is complemented by a large selection of useful special waxes and profiles geared to the needs and wishes of practitioners. The fact that our waxes burn out leaving no residue is just as important as the fact that they provide a high level of adaptability with secure bonding.

In addition, BEGO offers a comprehensive range of waxes for crown and bridge work. The modelling waxes are all individually developed by BEGO and perfectly tailored to the desired user requirements. Aroma occlusal wax is a special highlight of this product range. The product is an advanced formulation of the BEGO occlusal waxes with optimised hardness and the individual fragrances of wild berries and vanilla, which create a pleasant working ambience.

Two specially developed crown & bridge waxes – ScanBlock and ScanWax – provide the connection to CAD/CAM technology. Both waxes were designed to be highly opaque with optimal scannability in mind, thus ensuring optimal data generation.

In addition, the modelling range is rounded off with a range of special waxes, accessories and modelling tools.

Further information on the product portfolio can be found at in the "Conventional Solutions" area.

The BEGO wax portfolio offers the ideal material for every dental requirement. For example, BEGO’s dentine-coloured ScanWax.

Ideal for familiarisation: the modelling wax starter set for the partial denture technique includes the most commonly used wax patterns and profiles.