BEGO Pressemeldungen – Konventionelle Lösungen

Wironit® – a classic among alloys

The tried-and-tested partial denture alloy Wironit® from BEGO has been successfully employed in the production of conventional clasp partial dentures since 1953 and offers dental technicians and patients alike a wide array of advantages.

The mechanical properties of Wironit® far exceed the requirements of national and international standards for guaranteeing the high strength of the produced clasp partial dentures. The dentures remain dimensionally stable during chewing by virtue of their high resistance and also allow – thanks to their high ductile yield – reliable and frequent activation of the clasps. In addition, the dense, smooth surface minimises plaque build-up and thus protects the restoration from deposits.

Clear recognition of the casting point is particularly advantageous for the dental technician. The partial denture alloy Wironit® can also be cast simply and reliably in all induction-heated casting units like the Fornax® T or Nautilus® CC plus, as well using the flame casting method. Moreover, Wironit® is biocompatible and boasts a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Wironit® is an element of the harmonised BEGO system and thus stands for reproducible results at a high level of productivity.

The partial denture alloy Wironit® ensures high wearing comfort of clasp partial dentures for patients.