BEGO Pressemeldungen – Konventionelle Lösungen

Bellavest® SH – for contemporary working in the dental laboratory

The universal, shock-heat or gradually heatable precision casting investment material Bellavest® SH is suitable for all crown and bridge indications.

Bellavest® SH can ideally be used for the shock-heat method at insertion temperatures of up to 900°C. However, conventional heating is also not a problem. In principle, precious or non-precious alloys as well as pressable or press-to-metal ceramics can be processed in combination with Bellavest® SH. The simple adjustment of the concentration using the special mixing liquid BegoSol® HE, which can be set precisely to the desired expansion requirements with the aid of distilled water, is particularly advantageous. Thanks to the excellent flow properties and a long working time of five minutes, the investment material also boasts a high degree of user-friendliness.

In addition, the fine, creamy consistency of the graphite-free and phosphate-bonded investment material Bellavest® SH produces very smooth casting surfaces and thus provides the optimal conditions for perfect reproduction of even the finest details. A constantly high, controlled production quality and ideal expansion control ensure the reproducible, precise fit of dental restorations. Bellavest® SH facilitates goal-oriented working in terms of both the material and time required. Not only its superb deflasking properties, but particularly its versatility ultimately opens the way to greater efficiency.

The precision casting investment material Bellavest® SH combines outstanding user-friendliness with perfect reproduction of even the finest details and provides the optimal conditions for optimal dental casting results.