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Wirovest® – Precise results with the gel duplication technique

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The conventionally heatable precision casting investment material with remarkably good results in the gel duplication technique.

Developed for partial dentures, the phosphate-bonded investment material Wirovest® from BEGO achieves outstanding results in the gel duplication technique. Precise accuracy of fit and high edge strength enable precise casting results, requiring only minimal finishing by the dental technician. Wirovest® is mixed with BegoSol, whereby the selected mixing concentration allows you to easily set the expansion of the model. Alternatively, the investment material can also be mixed with distilled water for pouring the cylinder, which not only guarantees reduced deflasking hardness, but also has a positive influence on its cost-efficiency.

Thanks to its simple processing, independent of the laboratory conditions, the precision casting investment material guarantees high reproducibility from casting to casting. Despite its simple processing, only minimal reactions occur between the investment material and the alloy, thus ensuring especially clean castings. This makes it possible to create extremely smooth model surfaces particularly when duplicating with silicone and, in doing so, to reproduce even the smallest details perfectly. As such, Wirovest® comes recommended as a conventionally heatable investment material – including for the combination technique – and underlines its versatility in the dental laboratory.

[Translate to German:] The precision casting investment material Wirovest® produces precise casting results and allows for a wide range of work in the laboratory.