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Universal investment material for all applications in partial denture and combination technique, for gel and silicone duplication

  • Fine model surfaces even with gel duplication; no hardening necessary with silicone duplication.
  • Ideal flow properties ensure easy handling. Very good fit, high edge strength – ideal for combination work.
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Wirofine 1 carton 18 kg 45/400-g bags 54345
Wirofine 1 carton 6 kg 15/400-g bags 54344
Wirofine 1 carton 6 kg 30/200-g bags 54348

Investment material for partial dentures

  • The classic BEGO partial denture investment material.
  • Proven worldwide, very smooth surface, for gel and silicone duplication
  • Special investment material for gel and silicone duplication with conventional preheating Worldwide approx. 40,000,000 partial denture frames fabricated with Wirovest
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Wirovest® 45 x 400g = 18kg 1 carton 45 x 400g bags = 18 kg 51046
Wirovest® 15 x 400 g 1 carton 15 x 400g bags = 6 kg 51057
Wirovest® 4 x 4,5 kg 1 carton 4 x 4,5 kg bags = 18 kg 51048
Wiroplus® S

Precision partial denture investment material for silicone duplication technique

  • Special investment material for silicone duplication technique, all indications.
  • High-quality duplication models
  • opti-mal fit
  • Long processing time
  • ...
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Wiroplus® S 30 x 200 g 1 carton, 6 kg = 30 x 200-g bags 54353
Wiroplus® S 45 x 400 g 1 carton, 18 kg = 45 x 400-g bags 50248
Wiropaint plus

Fine investment material for partial denture technique

  • It provides a very smooth casting surface and speeds up finishing work consider-ably.
  • Wiropaint plus hardly settles in the bottle and is always ready for use.
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Wiropaint plus 1 bottle = 200 ml 51100
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