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WiroGel® M

Environmentally friendly agar-agar duplicating material for investments, dental stones and the pourable acrylic technique

  • Areas of application: All phosphate-bonded investments,
    All high-quality Type 4 dental stones and diverse applications in the pourable acrylic technique
  • Extremely accurate impressions; smooth model surfaces produce results that meet the highest requirements in terms of precision
  • 15 melting cycles, excellent cost/ benefit ratio
  • Price for a single duplication with Wirogel M is over five times more cost-effective than with silicone; the costs for the duplicating unit are already included in the calculation
  • ...
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
WiroGel® M 1 tub 6 kg 54351
WiroGel® M 1 tub 10 kg 54354

Reversible special duplicating gel

  • Castogel® special duplicating gel for high-quality CrCo, fixed/ removable work and the pourable acrylic technique Highly precise reproduction even with the smallest details.
  • Tear-resistant duplicating mould.
  • Outstanding elasticity.
  • Long shelf life.
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Castogel® 1 tub = 6 kg 52052
Castogel® mint 1 tub 10 kg 52049

Reversible duplicating gel

  • Proven, cost-effective duplicating gel for CrCo work
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Wirodouble® 1 tub = 6 kg 52050
Duplicating flasks

with system or individually

  • The Combi duplicating flask system or the individual aluminium duplicating flask.
Product(s): Presentation: REF:
Combi duplicating flask 1 Combi duplicating flask with wedge top, base
and 2 base formers (2 sizes)