LaserStar T plus

Bench laser welding unit

  • Compact and powerful, with user-friendly features
  • Precision welding thanks to controllable welding energy with pulse time, charging voltage and focus adjustment
  • Ergonomic design and arrangement of the controls directly in the field of vision for convenient and fatigue-free working
  • Simple operation with a large colour touch display and intuitive menu navigation
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LaserStar T plus 1 piece 26405
Ventus Filter system 230V, 50Hz

Ventus Filter system for LaserStar plus

Ventus - Suction extraction for LaserStar T plus

  • Filter unit for suction extraction and filtering of welding smoke from Laserstar T plus.
  • The device is equipped with a preliminary coarse filter and a main fine filter.
  • After filtration the clean air is returned to the workroom via a blow-out screen at the rear.
  • An automatic filter monitoring system shows the operator when a filter change is necessary.
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Ventus Filter system 230V, 50Hz 1 Ventus 230 V 50/60Hz, 1 suction extraction hose NW 32, nominal diameter 32 mm, 2.5 m with pipe union, 1 set of spare filters, consisting of prelimnary filter and main fine filter, 1 set of carbon brushes for high-pressure turbine 26205
Multiplex accessories
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Automatic check valve, 20 mbar - 1.5 bar 1 piece 15504
Automatic check valve for natural gas, 0.1 - 1.5 bar, 1 piece 10165
Shut-off valve for natural gas 1 piece 15505
Needle jet 0.9 mm 1 pack = 5 pieces 13369
Needle jet 1.2 mm 1 pack = 5 pieces 13370
Needle jet 1.6 mm 1 pack = 5 pieces 13371