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Eltropol SL

for runner bar sprues

The beauty and aesthetics of a natural tooth are created through the layered composition of the inner structure and the threedimensional shape. The replication of natural teeth represents a huge challenge for any dental technician. The BeCe PRESS Incisal-Kit Z offers an selection of neccesary individual porcelains for the high-aesthetic layering of incisal sections at BeCe Press Z as well as at BeCe CAD Zircon+ frames.

  • Indicationrange:
  • BeCe Press Z pressed veneerings
  • For zirconium dioxide ceramics with a CTE RT- 500°C range of 10.5 x 10-6 K-1
  • All-ceramic BeCe CAD Zirkon+ constructions without incisal portions and layered with BeCe PRESS Z individual materials
The technical data:  
Height (Net) [mm] 540.0
Width (Net) [mm] 400.0
Depth (net) [mm] 410.0
Air consumption [l/min] ca. 120 l/min
Compressed air connection [Connection thread] 4 - 6 bar (0,4 - 0,6 MPa), 1/4'
Capacity / content 8 kg
Casting temperature [°C] 1430
Cooling integrated
Focus adjustment electric
Shielding gas (Argon) 1 fixed + 1 flexible
Type of laser Nd: YAG
Ilumination [W] LED 12 W
Illumination in the working chamber LED ring light, adjustable
Enlargement (visible) 16x
Microscope 4H Jena with TrueView function
Medium performance 60
Pre-heating temperature [°C] 900 - 1000
Delivery rate [l/min] 20
Pulse top performance [KW] 6
Pulse energy [J] 65
Pulse length [ms] 0,5-50
Nominal voltage [V] 100V, 50/60 Hz
Spot size [mm] 0,25-2,5
Temperature [°C] max. 1100
Vacuum performance [mbar] ca. 100
Wavelength [nm] 1064
Water connection [Connection thread] 3/4', 4 - 6 bar
Weight (Net) [kg] 20.0

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