Support - Nautilus® CC plus

Here you receive the latest software for the Nautilus® CC plus universal casting unit as well as further useful information. To install the software, instructions are available in German and English.

Updates for Nautilus® CC plus

The software versions available in the casting unit can be called up using the F3 key

(call up "Software Info").

Nautilus® CC pluss mit Touchscreen

from Year 2012

Software updates for Nautilus® units with touchscreen - from Year 2012
setup_DE.zip1.346,66 MBGerman
setup_EN.zip1.346,65 MBEnglish

Nautilus® CC plus mit Kartenleser

Year to 2012

Software updates for Nautilus hardware without touchscreen - Year to 2012
firmware_v122_DE.zip1.22430 KB German
firmware_v122_EN.zip1.22430 KBEnglish

The Firmware controls the basic functions of the casting unit.


The program for using NautiCard on a PC.
The version of CastControl is indicated in the header in the running program.

CastControl_21_DE.zip2.16,72 MBGerman
CastControl_21_EN.zip2.16,93 MBEnglish

Drivers for the card reader

Eliminates errors that may occur during communication between CastControl and the card reader. From CastControl version 2.0 and up, a driver update is not necessary.

Driver for the card reader
Chipdrive_Update.zip20.08.2005776 KBGerman/English


The Serviceware provides analytical tools for service technicians.

Serviceware_V112_DE.zip1.12428 KBGerman
Serviceware_V112_EN.zip1.12428 KBEnglish


Version 1.06:

  • Additional function: "Check O-ring seals". ATTENTION: Requires language version V1.07 or higher!


This database for alloys only concerns BEGO alloys. When the update is copied on the casting unit, all customer data for non-BEGO alloys are preserved.

Alloy_database_V106_DE.zip1.06410 KBGerman
Alloy_database_V106_EN.zip1.06410 KBEnglish


The database for languages controls the display messages of the casting unit.

Language_database_V110 _DE.zip1.10415 KBGerman
Language_database_V110 _EN.zip1.10415 KBEnglish

Download and installation on a PC
  • Click on the download link and save the file in the target folder of your choice.
  • Decompress the file with a suitable program (e.g. WinZip).
  • Start the installation program by clicking on the file with the extension "exe".Important (concerns ''CastControl''): Prior to reinstallation deinstall the existing program "BEGO CastControl" using the Windows Control Panel.
  • Follow the instructions of the installation program
Installation on the Nautilus® CC plus

Switch on Nautilus® CC plus and as soon as the words "Nautilus® CC plus" appear on the display, press the button with the card symbol. Either confirm the subsequent prompt regarding "Update Firmware" with "OK" or select "No" to proceed to the desired update (e.g. software). The unit will then guide you through the installation procedure.

Software on CD-ROM
A CD-ROM with the CastControl software can be ordered using order number 16259.


Tel. +49 421 2028-270 (international), (0421) 2028-270 (Germany)
E-mail: support.nautilus(at)

Disclaimer of liability

The downloads are designed for use with the BEGO Nautilus® CC plus casting unit. Use for other purposes and any changes to the programs are not permitted.
Software shall be downloaded from the download section at the user’s own risk. BEGO cannot be made liable if direct or indirect damage occurs during use of the downloads.