BEGO Press release

BEGO Zirkon replaces BeCe® CAD Zirkon range

BEGO Medical is now offering crowns and bridges as well as abutments of two new ceramics. The new color and material concept consisting of BEGO Zirkon HT and BEGO Zirkon LT replaces the existing BeCe® CAD Zirkon range and offers the highest level of shade fidelity and reproducibility. Restorations made of BeCe® CAD Zirkon+, BeCe® CAD Zirkon XH und BeCe® CAD Zirkon HT+ are still available until the 12th of August 2016.

„With the two new ceramic lines we meet our claim to offer of a maximum of diversity in materials and indications even better again. The specially developed colors offer the user a wide application field for highly aesthetic dentures”, reports Ilka Lang, product manager for CAD/CAM prosthetics at BEGO Medical. The CAD/CAM products made of BEGO Zirkon HT are available in seven and restorations made of BEGO Zirkon LT are available in five shades.

BEGO Zirkon HT – the highly translucent zirconium dioxide for the highest aesthetic demands
The high translucency of BEGO Zirkon HT facilitates natural aesthetics, which are indispensable for fully anatomical crowns and bridges. Thanks to the special combination of the technical characteristics of BEGO Zirkon HT bridge frames with up to 16 units and two adjacent pontics can be produced. The realization of the thin-tapered crown margins reduces the finishing work considerably. Fully anatomical restorations can be individualized and finalized by simple polishing and/or glaze firing with strain.

BEGO Zirkon LT – the translucent zirconium dioxide for the highest aesthetic demands
Due to its impressive strength BEGO Zirkon LT is well suitable for the production of two-piece customized abutmens, single-tooth restorations as well as bridge frames with up to 16 units. The finalization takes place with the veneering ceramic for zirconium dioxide of choice in the laboratory. The microstructured surface of BEGO Zirkon LT allows for an excellent adaption of the gums – especially to one-piece abutments. This ensures support of gum generation in the patient.

Maximum use
Both CAD/CAM materials are usable for the preparation of partially and fully veneered frames with up to 16 units and up to two pontics. The production by means of high-precision machines in the high-tech production center of BEGO provides a unique fit. Dentine core crowns and bridges, maryland bridges and telescopic primary crowns can be produced as well. Two-piece abutments can be realized with BEGO Zirkon LT and cope with the highest aesthetic demands.

More detailed information on BEGO Zirkon HT and BEGO Zirkon LT can be found here. There is also an outline of the broad area of use of BEGO Zirkon HT and BEGO Zirkon LT.

The new highly translucent zirconium dioxide BEGO Zirkon HT is available in seven shades (HT01-HT07).

3-unit bridge made of BEGO Zirkon HT and multi-unit bridge framework with two pontics made of BEGO Zirkon LT