BEGO Press release – CAD/CAM solution

NEW: BEGO PMMA Multicolor for aesthetic and functional long-term temporary restorations

To mark the start of the second half of the year, BEGO Medical is expanding its product range to include a high-performance plastic with color gradient. BEGO PMMA Multicolor is available in three color versions and can be used for long-term temporary restorations as a crown or bridge and is available for customers in Europe.

BEGO PMMA Multicolor is an industrially dyed thermoplastic high-performance material with color gradient. It is suitable both for the production of temporary crowns and bridges with up to two pontics, including restorations of a longer-term nature, as well as for metal-supported temporary restorations. "The multi-color design of BEGO PMMA Multicolor has been adapted to the color gradient of natural teeth and thus enables aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective restorations to be produced", explained Inka Lang, Product Manager for CAD/CAM Prosthetics at BEGO Medical.

Thanks to the special material structure, comprising highly developed copolymer carbon chains, the material is abrasion-resistant and boasts good fracture resistance and flexural strength. Moreover, the high-performance plastic is resistant to plaque build-ups and, given the material composition, is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Individual veneers can be achieved with standard light-curing veneering materials. "The exceptional accuracy of fit is one of the major plus points of this new high-performance plastic", continued Lang.

BEGO PMMA Multicolor is ideal for both the anterior and posterior regions. The semi-permanent restorations are available in the color versions M01-M03.

More detailed information on BEGO PMMA Multicolor can be found here.

A single crown produced with BEGO PMMA Multicolor.

The high-performance PMMA with color gradient for crowns and bridges, produced in the high-tech BEGO Medical production centre, is available in the color variants M01-M03.