BEGO Press release – Implantology solution

Premilled Blanks for BEGO Semados® implants

After many years of individual CAD/CAM prosthetics being available through the central production facilities of BEGO Medical, BEGO Semados® implants can now also be fabricated using Premilled Blanks (PMB).

BEGO Semados® Premilled Blanks are compatible with the Preface®abutment holder from Medentika® when combined with different milling machine manufacturers. They support individualised abutments with original interfaces to the BEGO implant.

The design of the abutment and the production facilities used are therefore individual and independent.

The PMBs are available in diameters of 11.5 and 16 mm and are selected based on the different implant diameters. The choice of blank also depends on the angulation of the inserted implant. Premilled Blanks are supplied with a prefabricated connection geometry to the implant, including the prosthesis and technician screws.

The use of original parts from the BEGO Implant System is recommended to ensure the safety, warranty and fit. These parts are identified by the BEGO logo on the hexagon.