BEGO WiroGel® C – universal, precise and environmentally friendly

In WiroGel® C, BEGO offers a reversible, natural duplicating gel based on agar-agar hydrocolloid, which is ideal for the production of models made from plaster and investment materials and for the acrylic casting technique.

Alongside the fact that WiroGel® C can be used universally for all phosphate-bonded investment materials and type 4 plasters as well as in the acrylic casting technique, the duplicating gel also impresses with its highly accurate impression-taking and smooth model surfaces. The highly precise working results it achieves also promise guaranteed reliability in terms of the impression-taking precision even during the application. The natural gel offers maximum process reliability for white and light plasters in particular.

Yet another advantage of WiroGel® C can be found in the shorter solidification time thanks to cooling in the fridge or cold water bath, as well as the rapid re-melting in the microwave. In addition, the fact that it can be melted up to twelve times gives it an excellent cost-benefit ratio in terms of quality and precision. The duplicating gel from BEGO is also naturally biodegradable.

Further information on the duplicating gel and other products from BEGO is available at You can also find an informative video demonstrating the simple application of WiroGel® C in the “Media Library” on the BEGO homepage.

A new video illustrates the easy use of the WiroGel® C duplicating gel.