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Bellavest® DR – Low-dust precision casting investment

This shock-heat or conventionally heated precision casting investment material was developed specifically for crown and bridgework. The approx. 80% reduction in dust levels – acc. to DIN EN 15051-3 – is worth a special mention as it reduces the amount of harmful quartz and cristobalite dust in daily laboratory routines.

Bellavest® DR can be heated conventionally or using shock-heat at an insertion temperature of up to 900 °C, which shortens the preheating time considerably. Based on the proven Bellavest® investments, Bellavest® DR was developed for particularly health-friendly use in laboratories but still provides the usual trusted, unambiguous handling with optimum processing parameters.

The approx. five minute working time allows leeway for dependable, relaxed processing of the phosphate-bonded investment which also features precise expansion control. Its creamy consistency leads to smooth cast surfaces and provides for consistently reproducible precision of fit. Despite setting with hard edges, Bellavest® DR is easily devested – this saves time for the user and allows for economical use of sandblasting grit.

BegoSol® HE special mixing liquid also provides for top flexibility due to its straightforward handling. Only one liquid is required as it can also be used for mixing other BEGO investments.

Bellavest® DR is a low-dust, shock-heat or conventionally heated precision casting investment for crown and bridgework.