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BEGO sold the 500th Varseo 3D printer

At the 2015 IDS the long-established Bremer family company BEGO presented its 3D printer Varseo with a unique cartridge system, developed with and for dental laboratories. Now the 500th BEGO Varseo has already been sold to the Dentallabor Brodherr GmbH in Munster, Germany.

The Varseo 3D printer allows dental technichians the flexible and cost-effective production of different dental applications made of scientifically tested high-performance resins. CAD/Cast partial denture frames, surgical guides, splints, dental models and individual impression trays can be printed with Varseo directly in the laboratory.

In August of this year, Master Dental Technician Kai Brodherr, owner of the Dentallabor Brodherr GmbH, became the prowd owner of the 500th BEGO 3D printer and can profit from the advantages of the system.

Besides the large and expandable range of materials and printable applications the Varseo offers a high building speed irrespective of the number of elements to be produced. Thanks to the special cartridge system the following benefits are possible: a material changeover in seconds, a low material consumption and a minimal material ageing.

At the beginning, Brodherr intents to focus the printing of partial denture frames. He plans to print other dental applications with the Varseo very soon.

Besides the advantages of a quick production, easy handling of the cartridge and high precision of the printed CAD/Cast partial denture frames, Brodherr also decided on the BEGO 3D printer because of the considerable cost savings on silicone.

A BEGO expert and/or an expert from the sales partner are always on site in the laboratory for setting-up and commissioning of the Varseo 3D printer. Additionally, a technical introduction as well as an introduction into the 3Shape nesting software CAMbridge are given. This ensures that the user is able to integrate the 3D printer into the workflow and to benefit from the Varseo immediately.

The Varseo joined the select circle of advanced solutions of the German industry last year. This year the 3D printing system was once again acknowledged by the jury and awarded a prize in the category of Medical Technology with the “Best Of” seal of the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2016.

Detailed information about the BEGO Varseo 3D printing system can be found here.

Ralf Wolff, Team Leader for the middle sales area of Germany of the BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei and BEGO Medical (2nd from left), and Niels Püschner, Sales Representative of BEGO Medical (3rd from left) handed over the 500th BEGO Varseo to Kai Brodherr, owner of the Dentallabor Brodherr GmbH (on the right). Additionally on site: Thomas Krapohl, Medical Device Consultant with Henry Schein (on the left).