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BEGO’s casting machines: Nautilus® CC plus, Nautilus® T and Fornax® T

As a user of the BEGO casting machines you benefit from the combination of high-frequency melting and casting as well as of the user-friendly operation, advanced electronics and economy of scale.

BEGO’s latest generation of induction casting machines offers an internal water cooling system that allows up to 50 casting cycles at a time and furthermore, they don’t require a water supply or outlet, which leads to more freedom in laboratory working locations. Additionally the BEGO casting machines are characterized by a high degree of usability and flexibility due to the user-friendly operation panel and the very small footprint, which makes it fitting to even small working areas.

The Nautilus® differentiates through its functional touch screen, by which an easier and faster user information process is ensured. Moreover, the device automatically switches off all unnecessary components in idle mode, due to the new function “eco-mode”. This function reduces electrical costs and increases environmental sustainability of the unit.

The Fornax T® and both of the Nautilus® casting devices are, due to the high casting temperature of up to 1550°C, ideal for all commercially available dental alloys (except titanium). Furthermore, they ensure a fast working process, because of the simple mechanism, which makes a quick adjustment to different casting mold sizes possible.

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The BEGO casting machines.