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BEGO Implant Systems launches in Finland

Lumi Dental is new distributor for implant systems from Bremen

The Bremen-based company is expanding its international business into another important market. Lumi Dental, headquartered in Varkaus, an industrial city in eastern Finland, is a young and ambitious company in the dental trade. A Finland-wide roadshow to present the BEGO Semados® Implant System was successfully wrapped up in July. “We’ve found a strong partner in Lumi Dental with whom we can continue to consistently pursue our Northern Europe growth strategy,” says Oliver Klein, Director of International Sales & Business Development.

Lumi Dental is new distributor. Left to right: Jukka Kuosmanen, Marko Eskola, Ville Sarja, Petra Sarja and Jukka Pekka Matinlinna (Hong Kong University)