Varseo S

The 3D printing system specially developed for dental uses with an innovative cartridge system

The new smart 3D printer Varseo S – as the further development of Varseo – will delight you with it̍s compact and stylish design and the following features:

  • Variability:
    • Extensive and expandable range of materials and indications
  • Speed:
    • High construction speed independent of the number of elements to be produced
    • User-friendly display for quick and easy access to all important functions
    • Network capability of the device permits rapid BEGO service via remote control
  • Efficiency:
    • Approximately 30% larger building plate than the previous Varseo model allows simultaneous printing of even more objects
    • Unique cartridge system
      • Material change in seconds
      • Low material consumption
      • Minimal material ageing
      • Simple material handling and storage – directly in the cartridge, without decanting
  • Openness:
    • “Open STL file” device for all dental software solutions

DLP technology

The 3D printing system Varseo S uses a special variation of stereolithography, the so called DLP technology (Digital Light Processing). The hardening of the resin is caused by selective mask illumination. With a modern illumination process, complete slices are projected on the resin and illuminated areas are cured. The three-dimensional object is created through the successive stacking of two-dimensional layers. The DLP technology allows a significantly faster printing than classical laser-based 3D printing technologies. The high surface accuracy resulting from the printing process ensures an exceptional fit of the printed objects.

Physical data  
Height 748 mm
Width 362 mm
Depth 461 mm
Weight 47 kg
Nominal voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated capacity 100 VA
Dimensions (L × W × H) 110 × about 65 × 85 mm
Resolution 60 μm (± 30 μm)
Layer 50 – 100 μm
Building speed 20–40 mm/h
Forms available Quantity REF
Varseo S Partner (incl. availability) 1 26460
Varseo S Basic (incl. availability) 1 26455
Availability Quantity REF
Original Varseo S operating instructions 1 86087
Wooden spatula, not sterile 1 19548
Bubble syringe, sterile 1 19549
Stainless steel spatula 1 19550
Card set, blank 1 19551
Torque screwdriver 1.5 Nm 1 19556
TORX Bit T20×25 mm 1 19557
O Ring 128x3Vi399 / FKM 90 1 19524
Protective resin bottle cap 1 19563
Electricity cable 1 12622
USA mains power cable 1 12554
Test gauge, small 1 19409
Test gauge, large 1 19410
WLAN USB adapter, 150 Mbit/s, high gain 1 20119
Varseo S cartridge, complete with stamp (Varseo S Basic) 1 20008
Adhesion preventive film 1 19778
BEGO CAMcreator Print 1 99118
Special USB stick, calibration file 1  
Accessories Quantity REF
CAMbridge licence dongle 1 20370
Material packages Quantity REF
Material package VarseoWax CAD/Cast
(VarseoWax CAD/Cast 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp + VarseoVest P 6 kg)
1 41053
Material package VarseoWax Tray
(VarseoWax Tray 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)
1 41054
Material package VarseoWax Surgical Guide
(VarseoWax Surgical Guide 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)
1 41055
Material package VarseoWax Model
(VarseoWax Model 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)
1 41057
Material package VarseoSmile Temp A2
(VarseoSmile Temp A2 500 g + cartridge incl. stamp)
1 41070
Material package VarseoSmile Temp A3
(VarseoSmile Temp A3 500 g + cartridge incl. stamp)
1 41059
Material package VarseoSmile Temp C2
(VarseoSmile Temp C2 500 g + cartridge incl. stamp)
1 41071
  Partner package Basic package
Activation (inclusive) Activation of a material key of your choice and making the associated materials package available Activation of all material keys provided
MDR* ready (inclusive) Validated processes from scanning to nishing incl. documentation and material-speci c guidelines Validated processes from scanning to nishing incl. documentation and material-speci c guidelines (only for materials authorized by BEGO)
Support (inclusive)
  • Device installation, commissioning and familiarization in your laboratory
  • Professional hotline support
  • Loan device in the event of malfunction within 48 hours (as part of the one year guarantee term)
  • Professional hotline support
Services (not free)
  • Activation of other material keys
  • Device installation, commissioning and familiarization in your laboratory

3D printing materials

VarseoWax CAD/Cast

VarseoWax Model

VarseoWax Tray

VarseoWax Surgical Guide

VarseoSmile Temp

VarseoVest P


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