BEGO Close Up Magazine 2018

3 CLOSE UP THE OPEN ACCESS IMMEDIATE IMPLANT PLACEMENT Immediate implant placement and tissue management • Hard and soft tissue management as part of immediate implant placement in the aesthetic zone. 5 Immediate implant placement in the aesthetic zone • Immediate implant placement following minimally invasive extraction of a deeply fractured maxillary incisor. 16 INSIGHT INSIDE In demand • ART OF IMPLANTOLOGY – Oliver Klein writes about the conference in Dubai. 22 STORYTELLER competition • We love stories. Tell us yours. 25 We are BEGO Implant Systems • Two employees, five questions, ten answers. 26 SOCKET PRESERVATION Extraction – and then what? • Preservation of the alveolar ridge and implant placement. 28 Collagen sponges • The all-rounder in implant dentistry. 36 Contents