Wirobond® M+

Milled restorations made of cobalt-chrome

Accurate Wirobond® M+ frames are produced using the high-speed cutting technique at BEGO Medical. The milling process is also used to produce double crowns and implant-based prosthetic restorations. Restorations made of Wirobond® M+ are characterized by a perfect fit with smooth surfaces and filigree occlusal surfaces.

Advantages for you

  • Each milling disc is re-densified – for a dense, high-lustre finish and more than 99 % freedom from porosity
  • The simultaneous 5-axis milling guarantees optimal precision of fit – with every unit
  • High strength in all span sizes – therefore a very wide range of indications
  • Can be veneered with commercially available veneering plastics (with a corresponding coefficient to thermal expansion)
  • Corrosion-resistant and biocompatible
  • Nickel- and beryllium-free


  • Frames for partially and fully veneered solutions with up to 16 units and up to two pontics
  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges


  • Anatomical occlusal surface fully anatomical crowns and bridges
Chemical composition in %
Co 63,8 · Cr 24,8 · W 5,3 · Mo 5,1 · Si 1,0
Alloy characteristics  
Type (accord. to ISO 22674) 4
Density 8.6 g / cm3
Young‘s modulus 235 GPa
0.2 % Proof strength (Rp 0.2) 415 MPa
Ultimate strength (Rm) 965 MPa
Hardness (HV 10) 290
Coef cient to thermal expansion (RT – 500 °C) 14.4 10-6K<-1
Coef cient to thermal expansion (RT – 600 °C) 14.6 10-6K-1