Removable Partial Denture Frameworks

The Perfect Combination of CAD/CAM and Alloy Expertise

Modellgussgerüste aus WIRONIUM® RP

The CAD/CAM processing solution: Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

  • 3D printing with metal powder – developed and patented by BEGO for the dental branch
  • CAD data is used to control a laser, which melts metallic powder layer by layer to build up the frameworks
  • Offers very good quality in the production of individual, complex metal frameworks

The alloy: WIRONIUM® RP

  • Non precious metal alloy for the additive production of removable partial denture (RPD) frameworks
  • Further development of the casting alloy WIRONIUM®, which has been proven millions of times
  • Specially developed for the digital production of dental RPD frameworks using the Selective Laser Melting process
  • Biocompatible and corrosion resistant
  • Approval as a class IIa** medical device is proof of our claim to comprehensively qualify our materials for dental use
Chemical composition in %
Co 66,2 · Cr 28,2 · Mo 5,5 · N < 1
Physical material data
Density 8.5 g/cm³
Modulus of elasticity 235 GPa
0.2 % Elongation limit (Rp0.2) 800 MPa
Tensile strength (Rm) 1,300 MPa
Ductile yield (A5) 13 %
Hardness (HV10) 395
Restorations are custom-made products in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC. WIRONIUM® RP is a cobalt-based dental alloy and complies with ISO 22674 and ISO 9693-1. Please report all incidents occurring in connection with restorations made of WIRONIUM® RP to BEGO Medical GmbH and the responible authorities.
Metal dust is harmful to health. Grinding and blasting should be performed using an appropriate extraction system. Respiratory protection of type FFFP3 EN149 is recommended.
In the case of approximal or occlusal contact with other metals, electromechanically-related numbness may occur in very rare cases. There are no findings on the safety and effectiveness of treatment for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women. WIRONIUM® RP may disrupt the analysis of MRI exams and should be separated before such examinations.
Adverse effects
WIRONIUM® RP has no known adverse effects. However, individual reactions (e.g. allgergies or incompatibilities) to components of WIRONIUM® RP in very rare cases cannot be excluded. In such cases, Wironium RP restorations should no longer be used.
Application-related recommendations provided by us, whether given verbally, in writing or by wayof practical instructions, are based on our own experience and tests and may therefore only be regarded as general guidelines. Our products are subject to continuous development. Therefore, we reserve the right to make modifications in design and composition.
If any severe incidents should occur in relation to the use of WIRONIUM® RP, please notify BEGO Medical GmbH and the responsible authorities.


Real. Perfect. Fitting.

  • Industrial production process with heat treatment adapted to the alloy ensures an above-average fit of SLM-fabricated RPD frameworks for upper and lower jaws – even in complex cases

Real. Good. Activation.

  • High ductility of the material allows activation of the clamps as with cast components and thus a comfortable insertion and removal of the RPD
  • High fatigue strength of the clamps due to homogeneous and pore-free material structure

Real. Efficent. Solution.

  • High efficiency and design freedom through digitization of conventional workflows (CAD design and CAM production)
  • Sustainability: Significantly more resource-efficient work and lower costs compared to other manufacturing technologies such as milling

Real. Super. Shiny.

  • Excellent polishing properties, comparable to those of cast components
  • On request with high-gloss polish for minimal reworking in the laboratory

Highly polished or blasted – the choice is yours

BEGO Training Courses

Experienced BEGO CAD/CAM specialists are available to provide you with advice and support in our online courses on RPD design with 3Shape* and exocad* software.

If you are interested in participating in our RPD design courses, please send your request to academy©

BEGO Technical Customer Support (Hotline)

Technical support is provided by a team of experienced dental technicians and master dental technicians. Our experts at the hotline are pleased to answer your questions about scanning and designing your RPD frameworks. They will also provide you with the required material file if you wish to design the RPD frameworks yourself.
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BEGO Scan and Design Service

You don't want to design the RPD frameworks yourself or you don't have the necessary infrastructure to do so?
No problem: We offer to take over the scanning and/or design of your RPD frameworks for your lab. In this way, you can easily benefit from the digital production of WIRONIUM® RP frameworks without investing in the
necessary hardware and/or software.
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BEGO ConnectApp – Real-time production status

Follow the real-time status of your BEGO crown, bridge, custom abutment or partial denture orders. The BEGO Connect App operates as a virtual window into the hightech production center of BEGO and can easily be installed via your BEGO customer support onto your desktop device.
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* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.

** Class IIa medical device as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC.

Images and illustrations are examples. Colors, symbols, designs, and information on the depicted labels and/or packaging may differ from reality.