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BEGO customer support

It is important to make your cooperation with BEGO straightforward and simple, so we provide you with technical support from the BEGO application advice. Our team of dental technicians and dental technicians masters will assist you with all aspects of your BEGO 3ShapeTM scanner and its software, the use of the file generator or the order portal, as well as scanning and designing your desired supplies.

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BEGO Security Basic

for the “Crowns and bridges“ and “Implant prosthetics“ modules
Put your trust in the BEGO brand too and benefit from our expense-free guarantee BEGO Security Basic covering all aspects of restorations.

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Order options for CAD/CAM restorations from BEGO

We offer you a range of options for ordering and producing your CAD/CAM restorations in our production centre in Bremen.

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Scan- und Design-Center

With our scan and design service you can make optimal use of BEGO CAD/CAM technologies in your laboratory and easily pur- chase customised CAD/CAM prostheses without having to invest in the necessary hard- and/or software (scanner, 3Shape Abutment Designer* etc.)

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BEGO CAD/CAM order portal

If you work with a scanner which delivers STL data, you can use the BEGO order portal to transmit the data.

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Real-time production status
Follow the real-time status of your BEGO crown, bridge, custom abutment or partial denture orders. The BEGOconnect App operates as a virtual window into the hightech production center of BEGO and can easily be installed via your BEGO customer support onto your desktop device.

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General Safety and Performance Requiremements for Custom Products

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) must be implemented and applied by medical device manufacturers from May 26th, 2021. It supports patient safety in the provision of medical devices.

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