Adapta foil forming system

for efficient fabrication of stable crown copings

  • Easy, quick forming of crown copings.
  • Cost-effective, well-proven system with special plastic foils.
  • Crown copings fabricated using the Adapta are highly stable.
  • The thin forming foils systematically create the required free space for the luting material at a later stage.
  • Adapta formed copings can be used in telescopic work, as they automatically attain the minimum thickness.
  Delivery form REF
Adapta foil forming system complete 1 Former with Adapta mastic 1 Adapta set refill pack 1 Foil holder 100 Adapta foils 0.6 mm in foil dispenser 100 Adapta foils 0.6 mm 200 Adapta foils 0.1 mm, red, in foil dispenser 20500
Adapta foil forming system introductory set 1 Former with Adapta mastic 1 foil holder 50 foils 0.6 mm 50 spacer foils 0.1 mm 20520

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