VarseoWax Surgical Guide

Resin for the 3D printing of drill templates with BEGO Varseo

# Excellent flow properties as part of the printing process result in great accuracy of fit and geometric fidelity as the most important features of drill templates to avoid infringing the anatomical characteristics

# The 3D printing parameters which are carefully aligned to the drill templates ensure exact shaping in the area around the drill sleeves and, consequently, precise drill holes as well as optimal accuracy of fit during subsequent insertion in the patient’s mouth

# VarseoWax Surgical Guide is a resin which is highly resistant to chemicals; the printed objects can be cleaned and disinfected both conveniently and easily

# Particularly short production times and low material consumption equate to cost-efficient production in the laboratory

# The Varseo system is compatible with all common implant planning systems which export to STL format – this facilitates simple transfer of the data sets and production of the drill templates

# VarseoWax Surgical Guide satisfies the requirements for a Class 1 medical device.

# Great biocompatibility for tested safety for users and patients

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