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From Root to Crown
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From Root to Crown

BEGO is your root-to-crown single source supplier offering flexibel and secure complete restorations from surgical planning to prosthetics. Our dental expertise through the entire digital workflow integrates coordinated product and service solutions topped off with „Made in Germany“.

With our continuing education concept, we strengthen the network between dental practice and dental laboratory. In compact modules, our experienced BEGO experts share their profound knowledge in the areas of implantology, navigated surgery, intraoral scanning, implant prosthetics and 3D printing with you.

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BEGO Implantology

Time forBEGO Semados® RSXPro Implants

The right one for you!

BEGO Semados® RSXPro – a sophisticated implant system that can support shortened treatment protocols with well thought-out design features and very easy handling.

  • Supports crestal bone preservation
  • Easy & fast handling for all jaw regions
  • Has a self-tapping bionic thread
  • Gap-free abutment fit & prosthetic flexibility
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BEGO Guide – Simple. Safe. Implantiopn.

Time forBEGO GuideA guaranteed success

Simple. Safe. Implantiopn.

With the BEGO Guide order portal, we offer you surgical planning and drilling templates, carried out by experienced experts, without investment costs in hardware and software.

  • Convenient & fast
  • Optimally adapted to your workflows
  • Optimal implant position with the help of the new Wax-Up feature
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naturesQue SemOss B – Nature and Technology

Time fornaturesQue SemOss B

Nature and Technology

The exceptional composition of naturesQue SemOss B enables complete resorption of the bone substitute material through the naturally remaining mineral structure of the bovine bone matrix.

  • Innovative, bovine based bone substitute material
  • Perfectly suited for all indications where the aim is complete regeneration of the patient‘s own bone
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GUIDOR easy-craft – Simple. Safe. Stable.

Time forGUIDOR* easy-craft

Simple. Safe. Stable.

GUIDOR* easy-graft are synthetic bone graft substitutes that are applied directly from the syringe and harden in the defect. A porous framework forms that is perfectly adapted to the defect morphology, providing excellent stability in the initial healing phase.

  • Simple, fast and safe clinical handling
  • Cures in-situ to a solid, porous moulded body
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PS CAD/CAM – mit anguliertem Schraubenkanal

Time forPS CAD/CAMwith angulated screw channel

Every case is a case for BEGO

The new PS CAD/CAM titanium bonding base offers you a variety of advantages with its 25° angled screw channel.

  • Monolithic abutment crowns in the anterior region reduce the risk of cement-induced periimplantitis
  • No intraoral cementation required
  • Individual 25° screw channel positioning for functional and aesthetically better restorations
  • Variable gingival heights optimise the emergence profile and thus improve red-white aesthetics
Semados® Clean Tray – For automatic preparation

Time forSemados® Clean Tray

For automatic preparation

The stainless steel wash tray developed together with Aesculap and adapted to the Semados® system was specially designed for the requirements of automatic reprocessing in highly volume practices or CSSDs.

  • Designed for the Semados® implant systems S/SC/SCX, RS/RSX and RI
  • Optimum cleaning of all components
  • No additional sorting of parts
  • Reduced handling of sharp, contaminated instruments
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Digital Workflow
Let's think Digital
Medit T710

Time forMedit T710

Highest precision for your Scans

The new Medit* scanners and the BEGO exocad software form the basis for your CAD/CAM success.

  • Quality – high-quality scanner at an attractive price
  • Speed – fast scanning thanks to post-processing in the background
  • State-of-the-art – texture scan for additional information in CAD design as standard
  • Flexibility – fully integrated in exocad with comprehensive and flexible design options
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Dexis IS 3800W – Experience digital Flexibility

Time forDexis IS 3800W

Experience digital Flexibility

With the Dexis* IS 3800W you achieve a new level of flexibility in your digital workflow.

  • Wireless intraoral scanner
  • There are virtually no limits to the realisation of your prosthetic concepts – in the highest quality
  • Your scan is literally done in the blink of an eye – with the help of gesture control & large scan field
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3Shape F8 – The Scanner that can do more

Time for3Shape F8

The Scanner that can do more

With the brand new 3Shape * F8, you can reach a new level efficiency!

  • Fewer interactions thanks to dual model scanning
  • High performance thanks to Ethernet connection and scanner sharing
  • 4 μm accuracy and 9 seconds scan time (full jaw)
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BEGO 3D printing
VarseoSmile Crown Plus

Time forVarseoSmile Crown plus

Definitive. Fast. Aesthetic.

Definitive. Fast. Aesthetic.

With VarseoSmile Crown plus – BEGO‘s ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing of definitive restorations – you can produce a wide range of restorations, such as single-tooth crowns, implant-supported crowns and digital veneers for metal frameworks – usually in less than an hour.

  • Processing workflow validated with numerous 3D printing devices from renowned manufacturers
  • Numerous scientific studies confirm the excellent material properties as well as the high biological safety of the restorations made from them
  • Highly aesthetic objects at the low material costs of less than 2 € per crown
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SMART Veneering – Simply intelligent

Time forSMART Veneering

Simply intelligent

Smart Veneering is the intelligent use of digital design and fabrication capabilities to veneer metal frameworks in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional procedures.

  • Excellent properties, such as aesthetics, antagonist-friendly damping effect and high stability of the metal framework
  • Efficient fabrication of a variety of definitive or therapy-supporting restorations on residual teeth, telescopes or implants possible
  • Hybrid structure allows scaling of the object size from small bridges to large-span restorations of the entire jaw
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VarseoSmile Teeth – 3D printed denture Teeth

Time forVarseoSmile Teeth

3D printed denture Teeth

With VarseoSmile Teeth, produce abrasion-resistant and durable denture teeth yourself using the 3D printing workflow.

  • Highly aesthetic results due to balanced translucency, almost natural fluorescence and a large selection of VITA* shades
  • Efficient fabrication of permanent and temporary full and partial dentures
  • Material costs of less than € 1 per tooth
Das Varseo 3D-Druck System – Varseo XS & Varseo Cure

Time forVarseo XS & Varseo Cure

The Varseo 3D printing system

The BEGO Varseo 3D printing system offers you efficient 3D printing components for fast and safe processing of the modern and functional Varseo materials.

  • The compact Varseo devices find space everywhere
  • Optimised for economical restorative 3D printing
  • Workflows optimised for short duration and high processing reliability
  • User-friendly and efficient
  • Attractive system price
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VITA YZ & Kuraray KATANA — True color – Aesthetic – Safe

Time forVITA* YZ & Kuraray KATANA*

True color – Aesthetic – Safe

From individually veneered masterpieces to fast monolithic multicolour restorations – the BEGO Medical zirconium dioxide range offers you all the products you need for successful, systematic fabrication of all-ceramic restorations.

  • The optimum quality for every aesthetic requirement
  • Technically mature materials that optimally reproduce the desired tooth shade
  • Low effort for aesthetic modification
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BEGO Blanks – Biocompatible, homogeneous & great millability

Time forBEGO Blanks

Biocompatible, homogeneous & great millability

Based on many years of experience in milling processes and their continuous optimisation, BEGO offers a customised range of products for individual laboratory solutions.

  • Mediloy® M-Co, Mediloy® Titanium Grade 4 & 5 are of course biocompatible, corrosion-resistant and registered and tested as a medical device
  • Long-lasting support with high safety and excellent wearing comfort for the patient
  • BEGO PMMA Splint E with exceptional, tension-free wearing comfort for the patient due to thermomemory effect
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Mediloy® RPD Pulver – The SLM powder for digital partial denture frameworks

Time forMediloy® RPD Pulver

The SLM powder for digital partial denture frameworks

Mediloy® RPD SLM powder is specially developed for the additive manufacturing of partial denture frameworks with outstanding fit even in complex situations.

  • Optimal activation of clasps due to ideal ductility of the material
  • High fatigue strength due to homogeneous and pore-free material structure
  • Excellent economic efficiency due to digitalisation of CAD design and CAM production
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SLM Partial Dentures
WIRONIUM® RP Hybrid – Precise – Economical – Safe

Time forWIRONIUM® RP Hybrid

Precise – Economical – Safe

WIRONIUM® RP Hybrid is our new one-piece removable partial denture including telescoping retention elements, made using our unique WIRONIUM® RP alloy.

  • Production of partial denture and outer telescopes in one piece thanks to state-of-the-art SLM technology in combination with high-precision milling technology
  • Time and cost savings - no porosity or weak points
  • Improved biocompatibility, as no solder or lead wire is required
  • Fewer working steps - finished, polished prosthesis is delivered
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WIRONIUM® RP – Precise fit – Economical – Safe


Precise fit – Economical – Safe

Highly polished and accurately fitting partial denture frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP, the consistent further development of the proven WIRONIUM® casting alloy, optimised for additive SLM manufacturing.

  • High material ductility offers very good clamp elasticity & enables optimal activation of clamps
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GOLDwert – Die einzigartige Rundum-Sorglos-Garantie für Implantatversorgungen
BEGO Security Plus – Die einzigartige Rundum-Sorglos-Garantie für Implantatversorgungen
  • Reimburses you for dental fees, laboratory and material costs
  • No contract required
  • Minimal administrative effort
  • Minor costs
  • 60-month guarantee from implantion
  • Valid for treatments with BEGO Semados® Implants together with thier corresponding prosthetic components and BEGO fabricated CAD/CAM suprastructures. (Prosthetic restorations included).

The unique, all around, worry-free guarantee for BEGO implant care

Reimburses dental fees, laboratory and material costs