Immediate Implant

Loading in Full Arch-cases – A 12 Year Experience

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Participants will learn all the diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic steps, from A to Z, that will make immediate loading of full arches predictably successful. The focus will be on pre-surgical diagnosis and
patient preparation, both restoratively and pharmacologically. Systematic implant placement, anatomically and prosthetically guided, will be covered. The choice of the right abutment at the time of the surgery, plus fast and reliable impression techniques, will be emphasized. There will also be a section on hard and soft tissue augmentation in very atrophic jaws. The right choice implants for each clinical indication will be discussed. Design and manufacturing guidelines of the provisional and permanent prostheses will be highlighted, as well as the economics aspects of a clinical decision.

Part 1

  • Rationale for the use of BEGO Semados implants, Scientific evidence and Diagnosis of immediate Loading Full Arch cases
  • Protocols for successful management of complex cases
  • Surgical considerations for the upper jaw

Part 2

  • Surgical considerations for the lower jaw
  • Prosthetic Considerations of Immediate Loading
  • Advanced Atrophy cases
  • Economic success secrets
  • Conclusions


  • Dr Nikos Krompas

Date of the event:

  • 4 November 2022, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Athens, Greece

Course fee:

  • 850,– € / person plus local VAT (certificate and catering included)
    Registration deadline: 21 October 2022
    Course ID: 2217


  • Suitable for beginners and advanced



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