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Whether Short or Long: VarseoSmile Temp

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The dental specialist, BEGO, is continuously expanding the extensive range of indications for its 3D printing system and is now offering a tooth-colored composite for 3D printing of temporary crown and bridge constructions for short- and long-term restorations.

Next to CAD/Cast partial denture frames, surgical guides, dental models, individual impression trays and occlusal splints, dental technicians are now able to produce temporary crown and bridge restorations with the 3D printer Varseo S and its precursors Varseo and Varseo L.

The wide range of indications of the new tooth-colored composite in the colors A2, A3 and C2 according to the VITA* classical color system includes 3D printed crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers as well as bridges with a construction length of up to seven units and a pontic with maximum one molar width. Restorations made of VarseoSmile Temp are suitable for the temporary use in the anterior and posterior region as short- and long-term restorations.

“With our new biocompatible material it is possible to produce aesthetic restorations, which ensure outstanding strength and thus provide a precise and dimensionally stable fit in the patient’s mouth. These are significant advantages in comparison to conventional direct restorations from the dentist”, explains Olga Marbach, Product Manager of 3D Printing at BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei. She adds, “The temporary restorations can be designed in the laboratory with the help of standard CAM software (e.g. 3Shape* Dental System) and subsequently printed. We offer a secure process and the associated process documentation in the form of a material-specific guideline for the production of a medical device of class IIa**.”

The specially developed printing and processing parameters ensure smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time. The smooth surfaces of the printed objects allow a very good fit as well as a simple finishing. The printed restorations can be polished easily to a high gloss with standard composite polishers. Time-consuming post-processing is not required. The customization of the objects for aesthetic characterization is possible by means of light-curing stains.

The BEGO 3D printing system includes a diverse and scientifically proven range of materials, the Varseo S 3D printer, a light-curing device also as well as software tools and a comprehensive service package. It was awarded with the “Best Of” seal of the INDUSTRIEPREIS in 2017 for the third consecutive year. Furthermore BEGO impressed the jury of the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche with the Varseo S in 2017 and secured a place among the TOP 50 most innovative German medium-sized companies.

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* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.
** Class IIa medical device as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC.

3D-gedruckte Versorgungen aus VarseoSmile Temp sind als Kurz- und Langzeitprovisorien für den Front- und Seitenzahnbereich geeignet.
3D-gedruckte Versorgungen aus VarseoSmile Temp sind als Kurz- und Langzeitprovisorien für den Front- und Seitenzahnbereich geeignet.