Customised CAD/CAM implant prosthetics

Customised CAD/CAM implant prosthetics on BEGO Semados® SC/SCX – RS/RSX – RI implants with Platform Switch Design

Digital technology has become an established part of prosthetic dentistry. Irrespective of the type of scan – intraoral or conventional on the laboratory model – BEGO Implant Systems offers you a technically advanced and perfectly coordinated product portfolio with the PS CADP (CAD Positioner Platform Switch), PS TiB (Adhesive abutment Platform Switch), PS OCP (Restoration set Platform Switch) or the CADP MultiPlus (CAD Positioner) and a material library to download.

In BEGO Medical, you have a strong partner for computer-assisted, customised prosthetics. The wide choice of materials and the range of fabrication techniques is unrivalled in the field of digital dental technology. Find out for yourself: BEGO CAD/CAM solutions.

To meet the highest aesthetic standards and patient-specific requirements, while ensuring a secure connection between implant and mesostructure – made of zirconium oxide ceramic, for example – the PS CADP (CAD Positioner Platform Switch) offers a reliable basis for the 3-dimensional optical scanning of implants in the mouth and of laboratory implants in the working model.

The geometry of the PS TiB (Adhesive abutment Platform Switch) is designed for extreme ease of handling when adhering to a mesostructure of your choice in the laboratory. An aesthetic prosthetic result is ensured by the low profile of the Sub-Tec CAD/CAM adhesive abutment.

In addition to single-tooth restorations, BEGO Implant Systems now also offers the possibility to create highly aesthetic ceramic bridge restorations with the new PS TiB NH (Adhesive abutment no Hex Platform Switch).