3D printing world premiere: VarseoSmile Crown plus

The world´s first hybrid material for
3D printing of permanent restorations

FDA 510(k) clearance!

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Removable partial denture frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP are characterized by their high accuracy of fit.
  BEGO – News

REAL. PERFECT. FITTING. – SLM-produced Removable Partial Denture Frameworks for Upper And Lower Jaws Made of WIRONIUM® RP

BEGO, the Bremen-based family business with 130 years of dental experience and co-inventor of the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) process, is constantly...

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VarseoWax CAD/Cast is now available with improved formula.
  3D-Printing – News

3D Printing Resin VarseoWax CAD/Cast Now with Improved Formula

The resin VarseoWax CAD/Cast, specially developed for 3D printing of burn-out objects, is now available in a new formulation. Users benefit above all...

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Interested parties will now receive one-time two free VarseoSmile Crown plus sample crowns with supports for user-side finishing.
  3D-Printing – News

NEW: Free 3D Printed Sample of VarseoSmile Crown plus – the 3D Printing World Premiere for Permanent Restorations

From now on, BEGO is offering customers and interested parties from the EU and EFTA countries the opportunity to order two VarseoSmile Crown plus...

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The resin tank cover is only available in sets of 3 (REF Number 20625)
  3D-Printing – News

NEW in the BEGO Portfolio: Cover for Varseo XS Resin Tanks

From now on, BEGO offers resin tank covers for the Varseo XS to enable users to store the tanks filled with material outside the 3D printer in a...

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From now on, BEGO offers angulated screw channels for one-piece bridge and bar restorations in which the alignment of the screw access channel within the prosthetic restoration can be individually selected from 0° to 20° to the implant position.
  BEGO – News

New at BEGO: Angulated Screw Channels for One-piece Bridge and Bar Restorations

From now on, BEGO offers one-piece bridge and bar restorations for the anterior and posterior region made from BEGO Titan Grade 5 and Wirobond® M+...

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