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BEGO Semados® S implants

Familiar, but new! The Platform Match Implant of the Semados®️ implant family.
Since 1993 the implant system for your success.

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BEGO Semados® SC/SCX implants

The SC and SCX implants are the modern evolution of the BEGO Semados® S implants. Tried and tested aspects of the BEGO Semados® S implants remain unchanged in the SC/SCX implants, modern discoveries lead to optimization.

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BEGO Semados® RS/RSX implants

The conical and self-tapping BEGO Semados® RS/RSX 3.0 and RS/RSXPro 3.75-5.5 implants are equipped with a machined shoulder (RS/RSPro) or micro-structured shoulder (RSX/RSXPro).

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BEGO Semados® RI implants

The BEGO Semados®RI implant is the high-performance implant for special cases. The conical base shape ensures optimal primary stability thanks to the condensing thread flanks and the parallel microthread.

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BEGO Semados ® S implants TG

The tissue-level implant from BEGO moves the implant–prosthesis interface away from the bone.

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BEGO Security Plus

Place your trust in the BEGO brand and make use of our comprehensive 5-year warranty. The BEGO Security Plus warranty also reimburses the prosthetic treatment and any material costs that are incurred in addition to your fee.

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BEGO Implant Systems surface technology

BEGO Semados® implants are fabricated under strict conditions in the modernised clean room, and then immediately packaged in the low-germ, low-particulate environment. The core process is the subtractive finishing of the implant blank through various treatment steps to produce a defined roughening of the surface, ensuring the best osseointegration possible. The quality features include the defined, homogeneously distributed surface roughness and its purity.

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Digital workflow in implantology

Your ticket to a digital workflow.
The use of digital technologies for the optimisation of implant treatment sequences will soon replace conventional processes. Take advantage of the benefits these new processes offer you and your patients, and tailor your treatment processes to keep up with these changes.

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