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The Close Up concept is a tool to analyse current issues in the area of implant dentistry in much greater detail. Based on current research results, the authors of the Close Up articles provide up to date information about individual treatment concepts, design features and materials.

An important aspect is free access to information. Of course, every company on the dental market wants to position its products in the best way possible. But because there is no such thing as the perfect patient, there is no ideal or perfect product either.

The broad range of products, treatment concepts and materials used in dentistry today reflects the individual features of the patient just as much as the particular experiences, skill and personal style of the dentist. We consider all of these factors in the development of new products and materials.

The underlying science is essential for us in this process and our products are repeatedly included in studies and interdisciplinary questions in institutes and universities.

With Close Up you learn about the current state of scientific literature on issues related to implant dentistry. The key statements from a range of studies are summarised and clearly presented to give the user a comfortable overview of current knowledge.

Contradictory results and a multiplicity of study approaches make a conclusive assessment difficult for many issues – with Close Up – The Open Access we have created a platform that provides an overview of the scientific literature.

Science Radar is new in this issue of the magazine. We have located and summarised recent publications for you as well as providing information about current literature on materials, products or treatment concepts.

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Implant Dentistry Solutions

Overview Close Up topics

Shoulder Design

Issue: 03|11 2014
Machined versus microstructured implant shoulder – Which is better?


Issue: 02|08 2014
Periimplantitis – Definition, aetiology, prevention and treatment of peri-implantitis – Current study results

Pericardial membranes

Issue: 01|08 2013
Pericardial membranes – Characteristics of a resorbable collagen barrier membrane