BEGO Semados® Mini implants

The BEGO Semados® Mini implant is specially designed for implant-based treatment of edentulous narrow, pointed ridges, and is the ideal choice for restoring narrow anterior gaps. Like the BEGO Semados® RI implant, its conical basic shape guarantees outstanding primary stability thanks to its condensing thread flanks and parallel microthread. Narrow alveolar ridges which would normally require prior augmentation are spread and condensed to receive implants. 

Preparation of the implant bed using the OsseoPlus Tray thread formers, which allow the narrow alveolar ridge to be spread, and subsequent insertion of BEGO Semados® Mini implants transforms a hopeless situation into a predictable outcome. The laterally aligned thread flanks adapt to the pre-shaped cavities, ensuring an excellent fit.

The BEGO Semados® Mini implant prosthetic interface is characterised by a stable, conical external hex connection, which enables implants inserted at an angle to be restored without compensating abutments.

Mini-Line indications

  • Edentulous jaws
  • Edentulous narrow ridge with pronounced resorption
  • Narrow anterior gaps (12, 22, 32-42)

The BEGO Semados® Mini implant system is a reliable option for the economical and swift restoration of edentulous jaws and constitutes a low-cost alternative. Catalogue numbers and additional information can be obtained from our product overview or directly from your specialist system representative.