BEGO Press release

Semados® Starter Trays

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Optimised for a clear layout and quicker handling

BEGO Implant Systems presents the RS/RSX-Line and SC/SCX-Line trays with an optimised design right on time for the IDS. The preparation sets have been developed in accordance with current hygiene standards and user requirements.

The component arrangement’s clear layout simplifies handling.

The drills and tools are fixed firmly in silicone stoppers that are bonded securely to the tray base, making a time-consuming work step unnecessary. The silicone stoppers do not have to be removed and cleaned separately.

According to Christoph F. Staufenbiel, Product Manager at BEGO Implant Systems, the plastic trays ensure that the quality of cleaning and sterilisation is high and can be verified. He also commented that drills and tools from existing Semados trays can be easily moved over to the compact version.

The handy surgical trays are manufactured in a two-component injection moulding process. The tray base can be cleaned in the wire mesh basket in the thermal disinfector loaded with stainless steel instruments.