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SEMADOS® WASH TRAY – convenient, hygienic and efficient

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Optimised for efficient preparation and sterilisation of Semados® instruments

The development of the new tray focused above all on the latest hygienic requirements and enhanced cleaning efficiency. The Semados® Wash Tray can run through the cleaning process in a fully assembled state. There is no need to separate used from unused instruments. The closed lid also protects the user from contaminated or sharp instruments.

“Instruments and tools from existing BEGO Semados® Trays can be easily resorted into the new stainless-steel tray,” explains André Henkel, product manager at BEGO Implant Systems. “Another benefit is the innovative retention system with haptic feedback that ensures easy release and retention of the instruments,” he adds.

The new Semados® Wash Trays have been developed for the implant lines RS/RSX and SC/SCX and are made of stainless steel. Materials such as aluminium, plastic or silicon are not used. This simplifies the preparation process significantly as the trays are suitable for machine preparation in ultrasound machines, thermodisinfectors and sterilisers.

The surgical protocol workflow is supported by clearly presenting the work processes and pictograms on the tray plate. We anticipate that the new trays will be available from the first quarter of 2020.

First draft of the Semados® Wash Trays
First draft of the Semados® Wash Trays