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BEGO Semados® RS/RSX implants

The conical and self-tapping "twins" BEGO Semados® RS and RSX are modern, patent-pending innovations, which complete the BEGO Semados® S, RI and Mini implant family, long-established on the market. 

The implants are available in five diameters and six lengths and are suitable for numerous indications in implant dentistry.

With its machined shoulder, the new RS implant fits seamlessly into line alongside the S and RI implant ranges, which have already been employed millions of times. The surface of the machined shoulder boasts a microroughness comparable with that of natural tooth enamel (Ra ˜ 0.4). The RSX implant is equipped with a structured shoulder and, as such, responds to the individual requirements of the patient treatment and preferences of the dentist. Each version offers unique advantages. Both the RS and the RSX implant are prepared with the same surgical tray, allowing the dentist to act based on the findings in the individual case, and select the required implant system as late as during the operation. A particular advantage is that both systems possess an indentation on the implant shoulder surface (a so-called platform switch), which, according to finite elements calculations at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, led by Prof. Dr-Ing. Matthias Flach, leads to considerable minimisation of the mechanical stresses to which the implant is subjected in masticatory loading.

The microgrooves on the implant head were bionically optimised in cooperation with the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and a patent is pending (not yet published). The novel design of the microgrooves enables the reduction of stress peaks in this area so that most of the load is transferred apically. This is achieved by uniformly distributing stresses, which significantly reduces the risk of overloading.

The efficient interplay between the bionic microgrooves on the BEGO Semados® RS/RSX implant for which a patent is pending (not yet published) and the reduced-diameter PS-Line abutments creates an ideal basis for long-term hard and soft-tissue results. Any stress peaks that develop in the implant are transferred to the center of the implant. Consistent implementation of uniform diameters and gingival heights is key to the success of treatment.

RS/RSX -Line indications

The BEGO Semados® RI implant can be inserted in all jaw regions.

  • Suitable for restoration in the upper and lower jaw
  • RS/RSX 3.0 is suitable for use in narrow anterior gaps to replace teeth 12, 22, 32–43