Shoulder Design

1. Dental implants in the dental practice

Implant dentistry is an important area in the dental practice. With the help of dental implants, fixed restorations can be prepared that maximise patients’ comfort. Individual teeth can be restored using implants and implant-borne bridge constructions can also be anchored. With prosthetic restoration using implants, preparing clinically normal adjacent teeth can also be avoided. Edentulous patients can also be treated with fixed restorations using implants. ‘All implant-borne prosthetic solutions require a stable implant integrated into the jaw bones that bears the resultant chewing forces. The bony integration of dental implants can be influenced by various factors. As well as factors related to the patient such as smoking behaviour and oral hygiene, implant-specific properties can also affect the bony integration. These factors include both the microarchitecture of the implant in terms of the surface properties as well as the macroarchitecture or the implant design. In this context, great importance is attached to the implant shoulder and its effect on crestal bone loss.