MultiPlus restoration

Occlusally screw-retained bridges and bar restorations on 4 to 6 implants

With the MultiPlus system BEGO Implant Systems offers an efficient treatment solution for edentulous patients with limited bone volume which bypasses anatomically demanding regions, such as the maxillary sinus and/or nerves during implantation, in particular with posterior implants, and avoids the need for laborious augmentation. 

Immediate restoration and impression-taking of the implants is possible with MultiPlus abutments and system components which are supplied sterile.

The video shows treatment with SCX implants. The procedure for prosthetic restoration is identical when using S/RI implants without Platform Switch design.

Systematic solutions

  • In cases of serious bone atrophy or unfavourable bone conditions
  • Correction of major implant divergences following implantation at an angle
  • Bridge and bar constructions occlusally screw-retained on BEGO Semados® implants

Systematic design

  • Immediate restoration of implants with MultiPlus abutments
  • Positioning aids facilitate insertion of the abutments following implantation
  • Impression taking and further restoration at MultiPlus level

Systematic concept

  • MultiPlus abutments available in 0°, 20°, 30° and various gingival heights
  • Wide range of restoration options for temporary or final restoration provided by different abutments
  • Restoration by means of CAD/CAM from BEGO Medical GmbH
  • Threaded connection for limited removal of the prosthesis