5th BEGO Semados® Clinical Case Award

We are pleased to invite you to participate in this year's BEGO Clinical Case Award! This prestigious award recognizes outstanding case documentation in dental implantology. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your clinical expertise and win great prizes!

Show Your Skills!

BEGO will award the best case documentations in the fields of implant surgery, prosthetic rehabilitation, digital workflow, as well as hard and soft tissue regeneration. Do you have well-documented cases in these areas? Then we look forward to seeing your work!

We look forward to your impressive clinical cases and are excited about the innovative and successful solutions you will present. Take this opportunity to showcase your work on an international stage and receive valuable feedback from experts in the field.

Take your chance!

In case one or more of the prizes mentioned above is/are no longer available in the market at the time of awarding, it will be replaced by another, similar in application and value. All submitted clinical cases can be used by BEGO Implant Systems for presentations and publications. The jury has the right to consult other experts on special topics, or key thematic points. If BEGO Implant Systems detects a violation of the participation conditions, even after the awards was handed over, the company reserves itself the right to collect the award with immediate effect.

  • 1st prize: Mac Book Air
  • 2nd prize: 15 RSX PRO Implants
  • 3rd prize: 10 RSX PRO Implants
  • 4th prize: 9 RSX PRO Implants
  • 5th prize: 7 RSX PRO Implants
  • 6th prize: 5 RSX PRO Implants


Have a go

Prerequisite for participation in the 5th  BEGO Semados® Clinical Case Award is the use of BEGO Implant Systems’ products for carrying out the clinical treatment.

For each clinical case, the participation form must be filled out and submitted together with the photos/videos. For further details please check the General Instructions. Both the Form and the GIR are available at the download section.

To submit your clinical case, please enter your contact details below and upload all requested files packed in a ZIP file.
Alternatively a download link can be added in the comment field.

Closing date is 15 October 2024.

Participate online

For each clinical case, an entry form must be completed and submitted together with photos / videos. Further details can be found in the General Terms and Conditions. The form and the terms and conditions are available in the download area.

To submit your clinical case online, please enter your contact details here and upload the required documents as a ZIP file.

Alternatively, a download link can be placed in the comment field.

You can send us the participant form together with your documentation via download-link.

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To send your clinical case online, provide your contact information and upload the participant form together with your documentation packed as a ZIP file. The maximum size of a file is 50 Mb.

CCA IMP – Registration

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Photos should have a minimum of 1,200 × 900 pixel with 300 dpi. Videos should be produced with HD quality.

The images must be sharp (with focus), have an intraoral frame and for each photo perspective (e.g. buccal view; occlusal view), the camera should be always in the same position.

The documentation of the clinical case should include:

  • Images, X-ray images and/or or videos of the initial situation
  • Images, X-ray images and/or or videos of the most important works steps
  • Images, X-ray images and/or or videos of the final result

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