BEGO PMMA Multicolor

High-performance PMMA with color gradient

BEGO PMMA Multicolor is an industrially dyed thermoplastic high-performance material with color gradient. It is suitable for the production of crowns and bridges with up to two pontics, including restorations of a longer-term nature, as well as for metal-supported temporary restorations. The multicolor design has been adapted to the color gradient of natural teeth and thus enables esthetically pleasing and cost-effective restorations to be produced. Thanks to the material structure, comprising highly developed copolymer carbon chains, the material is abrasion-resistant, boasts good fracture resistance and flexural strength and is also resistant to the build up of deposits.

BEGO PMMA Multicolor is ideal for both the anterior and posterior regions. The semi-permanent restorations are available in the color versions M01–M03.

Advantages for you

  • Excellent accuracy of fit
  • Very good fracture resistance and flexural strength
  • Abrasion- and color-stable
  • Can be veneered with commercially available veneering plastics 
  • Resistant to deposit build-ups and easy to clean
  • Exceptional biocompatibility; suitable for allergy sufferers


  • Crowns and bridges up to 16 units and up to two pontics
Shade overview BEGO PMMA Multicolor M01 – M03
Shade allocation BEGO PMMA Multicolor M01–M03 in accordance to the VITA* classical color system

Two-piece abutments and individual healing posts made of PMMA Multicolor are also available.

Chemical composition  
Acrylic polymer methacrylate (PMMA) ≥ 99.9 %
The concentration of all pigments is < 0.1 % (color pigments)
Technical properties  
Modulus of elasticity 3370 MPa
Tensile strength 76.3 MPa
Stress at break 70.3 MPa
Flexural strength 136 MPa
Water absorption 19.36 μg/mm3
Solubility < 1 μg/mm3

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