Orthodondic appliances

SLM produced

The SLM (Selective Laser Melting) procedued orthodontic appliances made out of Wirobond® C+ function as exposures to function elements and/or supports. The spectrum of indications ranges from space maintainer to band elements for Herbst appliances or for palatal expansion.

Based on the scanned modells the orthodontic appliances are designed at the computer with appropriate software and will be produced via the SLM procedure afterwards. BEGO Medical delivers the sand blasted frames so that the lab only needs a relatively small amount of time to adjust the parts.

Advantages for you

  • Optimal material characteristics of the cobalt-chrome alloy
  • Nickel- and beryllium-free – no cytotoxic or allergic potential existing
  • The SLM procedure guarantees a homogeneous and extremely dense structure and a perfect fit of the frames
  • Distribution of sand blasted frames – only minimum preparation in the lab necessary
  • Time and cost saving


  • Space maintainer
  • Retainer (fixed or removable)
  • Band elements for Herbst appliances or palatal expansion